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Name : coronavirus 2019

Origin : Wuhan (Hubei, China)

Magnitude : global pandemic

First identified : november 16 2019

Total cases :

Total deaths :

number of deaths due to covid-19 to date by country*

*only countries where deaths are greater than 20,000

legend :
the color of a country depends on its continent according to the map above.

We can see that the 3 countries with the highest number of deaths due to covid-19 are the USA with more than 1 million, Brazil with nearly 700,000 and India with more than 500,000.

Oceania does not appear in this graph.
Has this continent been spared?

We observe that nearly 30% of Oceania's population has had covid-19. Oceania has therefore been impacted by the covid-19 pandemic. However, the population of this continent represents less than 1% of the world's population and the covid-19 cases in Oceania are therefore a very small proportion of the global cases.

In contrast, about 60% of the Earth's population lives in Asia and only 4% of them have had Covid-19. This continent has been the least impacted of all in proportion to its population.

By considering more data, we have a more complete picture of the situation...

Proportion of covid-19 cases in a continent relative to its population

legend :
outer circle : covid-19 cases by continent compared to the total population, in percentage
inner circle : distribution of the world population according to the 6 continents studied, in percentage

Comparison of the number of covid-19 cases per country with the number of recovered individuals and deaths*

*only countries with greater than 100,000 deaths due to covid-19

Tip :

To compare these data, you can check or uncheck the data you wish to display by clicking on the legend.

The graph above presents the same data (total deaths) as the first graph of this page, by comparing them with 3 other types of data: it completes the picture of the situation.

The 3 countries where there are the most deaths due to covid-19 (USA, Brazil and India) are also countries where the population is very high. So we have to compare the number of patients WITH the total population.

If the countries in Oceania do not appear in this graph, it is because their population is very low compared to other countries.

It's all about proportion and comparison !

You can manipulate the numbers to make them say what you want or what you think you understand.


Audrey Wuyckens


Camille Lacouture